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About us-www.trustedcallboyjobs.xyz

1. जो लेडी मेंबर से मीटिंग होगी, उनके फ्लॅट, बंगले पर आपको जाना होगा. जिनसें आपकी मीटिंग होगी वो करोडपती कि लडकीया, बिजनेसमॅन कि पत्नीया, एअर-होस्टेस या फॅशन मॉडेल्स हो सकती है. और उनकी उमर 16 साल से 50 साल तक होगी.
2. दिनकीमीटिंग 2 घंटे की होती है. दिन की मीटिंग अटेंड करने पर रुपये 15,000/- से 25,000/- मिलते है.
3. दिनकीमीटिंग में लेडी मेंबर के निवास-स्थान/ फ्लैट/ बंगले पर जाकरउनकी बॉडी मस्साज करनी होगी.
4. रात की मीटिंग में रुपये 25,000/- से 4,0000/- मिलते है. रात की मीटिंग में लेडी मेंबरनिवास-स्थान/ फ्लैट/ बंगले पर जाकर बॉडी मस्साज के साथ उनको सेक्ससंतुष्टि देनी होगी. एक हफ्ते में 3 मीटिंग से ज्यादा मीटिंग नहीं मिलती है.
5. मेम्बरशिप फीस है रुपये 2500, 4500, और 8000 यह मेम्बरशिप फीस 3 महीने , 6 महीने और 1 साल के लिए होगा...
6. जिसदिन मेम्बरशिप फीस डिपॉजिट/ ट्रांसफर करते है उसी दिन पहली मीटिंग मिलेगी. मीटिंगआपकी मर्जी से मिलेगी.
7.एजेंट का कमीशन 20% होगा प्रत्येक सर्विस में.

हाई प्रोफाइल MALE OR FEMALE - पार्टी, मीटिंग , मनोरंजन, दोस्ती के लिए संपर्क करे. +917314729687

trustedcallboyjobs.xyz Club is a friendship/dating club, the only genuine trustedcallboyjobs.xyz Club in India,which is having more then 5000 registered females allover India including 1000 females in Delhi and Secondly trustedcallboyjobs.xyz Club is running at no.1 position all over India in providing friendship/dating services.


Following facilities will be provided the time you become our club member.

Facility no.1 : You will be provided with contact details of females through mobile sms or email who have registered with us recently in last two months for short term and long term relationships at least 70 in numbers.

Facility no.2 : You will be provided with login and password ID of website Www.trustedcallboyjob.xyz with the help of that you can able to see more then 1000 females profile who have been listed to the website for friendship/dating purpose , you can propose them to meet for dating to your place or there place or some other place comfortable to both of you, you can also place your profile to www.trustedcallboyjobs.xyz website with your nick name , by seeing your profile females will directly get in touch with you for dating and meeting and you can even charge these females for dating with you.

Facility no. 3 : you will be given a customer care support manager no. 24/7 available for you for dating and meeting with females who have already been registered with trustedcallboyjobs.xyz .

Facility no. 4 : You will be provided with info@mailcallboyjo@gmail.com . 24/7 where you can place your problem if any , and the problem will be sorted out with in 24 hours.

Facility no.5 : your date with high society female will be fixed by the club management personally by those female who have registered with us - who are looking for new person for dating each and every time. And many more for that you need to be club member first.

Indivisual FEMALE member available for friendship with MALES.

If you are individual male and looking for individual female friend call the above No. or send query info@trustedcallboyjobs.xyz , here you will find the data of female trustedcallboyjobs.xyz Club members available for friendship. We are having at present over 5000 database of female members available throughout india looking for male companion for friendship. You have to be a registered member of this club to get an access of this data.if you are not registered member please call


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Having Fun

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Finding People for Date..

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For Female

Hey all Female we inform you that we provide call boy and gigolo boy all age ( 18 to 55) in your nearest place, If any female want call boy service then send your profile and your requirement our email id then we will reply you as soon as possible our club charges will be very low then other agencies.

For Men

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Then we will send your profile to different client to whom the require the service, If any one female client selects you, then we will send you her profile to your email id. If you are agreed then you can go for then service.